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Hauntology EP | Symbolism

Marco Bruno is back on Symbolism with the Hauntology EP this June.


The Berlin-based Italians previous output for Ben Sims Hardgroove and Machine imprints, as well as his Evighet label, have seen the DJ/producer win a fair bit of A-list support, so the Hauntology EP, a five-track selection of strident dancefloor heft, comes with pedigree. Across the EP, Brunos knack for crafting lean, powerful cuts is evident from the off. Whether leaning on cascading, thunderous kicks in Fearless or hammering synth stabs to create tension in Blinded, each track here shows just the right amount of stylistic individuality to make the whole release a must-play prospect. For those wanting things trippier, the disorientating Dissolution and Interference tracks more than deliver before the Apulia-born talent rounds things out with the classy bang of Runaway.”

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