a new album on Evighet records!

[…] the album is a journey through Bruno’s definition of Electronic Music.

Bookmarks Of Consciousness on Evighet Records follows the narrative flow of Humans Emerge From Unknown: Marco Bruno dips his quill in the ink and crafts a record swimming through the endless beauty of the Electronic Music’s ocean. ACR Records founder and Ostgut Ton/Berghain resident Answer Code Request put his signature on the record with a breathless remix.”

Buy: http://bit.ly/buyevighet002LP

– Inverted Audio: http://bit.ly/invertedaudioevighet
– Les Yeux Orangehttp://bit.ly/LYO-NoRegrets
– Artaphinehttp://bit.ly/ArtaphineAwareness
– The Forgottenhttp://bit.ly/TheForgottenNectar
– NovaFuturehttp://bit.ly/NovafuturePremiere
– 6AMhttp://bit.ly/6AM-PremiereMaverick

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